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Introducing - Juan Robledo, Superintendent in Dallas

Any nicknames?

Juanito the Bandito

Where are you originally from?

Dallas, Texas

What are your favorite hobbies or activities outside of work?

Church, hunting, fishing, and mudding.

What is your favorite Book, Movie, and TV Show?

Empire of the Summer Moon, There Will Be Blood, and Breaking Bad.

Favorite type of food?

Steak and a tater.

Do you have any kids? How about pets?

Two kids: Brooklyn (13 yo) & Juan (9 yo) and two furry kids (chihuahuas) Bean & Potato. Sometimes we call him Taters.

What did you do before joining CM Constructors?

I was a Superintendent at DPR.

What excites you most about your new role at CM Constructors?

The potential growth I see for CM in the Dallas Market. I would love to help be a part of the growth.

What drew you to the industry and profession?

Fast pace work and every day presents a new challenge.

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Juan is our 50th Constructor!


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